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Llacer y Navarro S.L.
Space Cargo
Llacer y Navarro operates practically in all the countries of the world, using all the routes of transport by earth, sea and air.   The Space Cargo group was founded in 1982. With offices and facilities in the most important commercial and industrial areas of Spain, the Company offers freight forwarding and customs services as well as managing the logistics process for its clients.
Victran, S.A.
Euro-Continental Transit, S.A.
Victran, S.A. was founded in 1984 in Vic (Osona). The company has a wide range of equipment and vehicles to handle transport.   Since 1989 Euro-Continental Transit has been giving full quality, reliable and flexible solutions to the current market requirements.
Antonio Callego Mesequer S.L.
Arbegui S.A.
Antonio Callego Mesequer S.L. is a family company that has been working during several generations in the sector of transport.   Arbegui S.A was founded in 1952 as a conventional transport service. We specialise in the transport and manipulation of heavy and extraordinarily large goods.
Cargolink S.A.
Artetxe is a group of companies with more than 20 years experience in the field of transport and elevation.   Headquartered in Alicante (Spain), Cargolink S.A. is an international merchandise transportation company. Our main field of specalization and expertise is transportation to Eastern European countries.

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